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Get to Know Us

The Hunt will be available to use from 13th July -1st September.

To download the Puzzleduck app to begin your adventure visit your app store.

To access your Builder Book Puzzleduck Treasure Hunt you will need your hunt code. This will have been given to you by the organisation you received the Planet Pack from. Please contact them if you have misplaced it.

Some things to remember when using the Treasure Hunt-

1. Please use your real name to create the account (this won't be shared with anyone).

2. Read all the instructions on the Puzzleduck app so you don't miss any of the fun.

3. Take your Planet Pack Activity Book, paper map and cut out characters with you.

4. Please make sure your phone is fully charged. Whilst the hunt will not drain your battery, it may use up to 25% and we do not want you to have no charge in the afternoon to check social media!

5. The app works best if your phone has updated to the latest version of its software programs.

6. Wear comfortable footwear. 

7. Please be aware of the surroundings, trip hazards, road, traffic etc.

The entire hunt will be about 4.5 miles but you can do a little bit of it each time you visit Liverpool City Centre. You have 28 days to complete the route from the first time you log in. 

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