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Storytelling is a powerful tool. By introducing reading,

writing and creativity at an early age, we give our children the best possible start – a life-long love of learning.


Builder Book is an inexpensive, interactive window into a child’s imagination, and it’s fun for all the family. With our mascot, Booksy the builder, Builder Book literally brings stories to life. Created with love by local artists and authors, these stories are not just for reading, but for building, too! With Booksy and friends, a child can create their very own world—a safe space, just for them.


In 2020, the National Literacy Trust published a review.

It looked at the impact of Covid-19 on family wellbeing

and the home environment.

The key findings were:

  • Children from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to fall behind when home learning.        

  • COVID-19 has exacerbated parental depression. Those with fewer resources have been disproportionately affected.                                 

  • Encouraging parents to engage with their child’s learning is key to boosting language skills.  

  • Successful initiatives focus on developing warm, positive relationships at home.

Young Painter

We work closely with Merseyside businesses, Councils and voluntary organisations. We identify families with young children, in primary schools. The families receive a beautifully crafted Builder Book Tool Box and can opt to join our list for future themed boxes.

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With Builder Book, children learn through imaginative play. They read, draw, build, sketch, talk and laugh.


Builder Book promotes family time and togetherness, and encourages discussion. It helps children form a positive attachment to learning, and therefore, a sense of balance and well-being.

Builder Book supports and promotes local creatives who in turn inspire future generations of creatives.


Our pilot, Builder Book and Make Comic boxes focus on words, stories, art and craft, play and imagination for key stage 1 and 2.


With the power of communities we can reach more families, and show them we care.

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