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Planet Pack

This year’s eco theme focuses on the United Nation’s Global Goals, a framework for a healthier world and better future for everyone.


These carbon zero packs, created in collaboration with local creatives, volunteers, and service providers, contain papercrafts, books, seed packs, stationery, activity books, games, competitions and digital assets and will be delivered to 10,000+ households across Liverpool City Region and Deeside in March 2024.

The Planet Pack 24 focuses on seven critical subjects of sustainability:

  • Innovation

  • Recycling

  • Transport

  • Fashion

  • Energy

  • Construction

  • Food

Seven Sustainabilities.png

Builder Book Sponsorship

Each year, Split Perspectivz CIC and its Builder Book UK project send thousands of boxes, packs, workshops and events to local children, families, schools and community centres across the City Region. Each Children’s activity box has fun, educational resources and activities across a range of essential local and global themes.

To learn how you can help us achieve our goals by downloading our sponsorship brochure. Or download our app via the QR code.


What's in the Box

CITY MAP: The Planet Pack contains a City Map linking to a digital treasure hunt for children to walk a sustainability-themed route across the City, discovering amazing facts about past, present and future people, places and events.

BOARD GAME: There is a Liverpool-themed gameboard where children build their own player pieces, props, dice and scenes. The children must make it across the board, tackling questions, obstacles and scenarios while leaving the fewest carbon footprints. The player with the lowest carbon footprint wins.

PICTURE BOOK: Award-winning authors Natalie Reeves Billing and Jude Lennon have written an exciting picture book, ‘Booksy’s Garden City’, to spark ideas and chats with children about how cities and homes can be sustainable for a brighter future, using interactive walks and maker games to keep young ones engaged.

SEEDS: Each box contains seed packs for families to grow delicious, wholesome foods at home. 

What Happens Next?

COMPETITION: An Eco-innovation competition will invite primary school children to invent ideas for a better world and capture them in words, pictures and schematics. All entries will be displayed in a giant mural, and the winners will have their inventions manufactured by local innovation businesses across the region.

EXHIBITION: The competition entrants and winners will be displayed at an exhibition held in September 2024 in an iconic Liverpool building. Sponsors will be invited to judge competition entrants and announce/present winners with their prizes. Last year’s child mental health-themed event with The Samaritans and The Boat of Hope was held in Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. It was attended by Mayors and leaders inspired by the children’s ideas.  

IMPACT REPORT: The results of this project, its scale, impact and approach will be sent to the Department of Culture, Sports and Media as part of a Case Study looking at Third Sector businesses working with a large volunteer base and a collaborative approach to action.

A Year Of Activity.png

Community and Corporate Action

The phenomenal collaboration and social impact in education and well-being generated by the Builder Book team and partners continue to grow each year. We commit to maximizing impact and utilising funding efficiently through our extensive network reach, utilising the skills and services of collaborative partners and searching for meaningful in-kind support.


Overall, the Builder Book Projects have achieved far-reaching social impact with exponential growth with each project. Growth can be determined in several ways. The strength and value of our corporate collaborators, the quality of our partners and the expertise represented on our growing board. Below, we focus on the quantities of books, resources and workshops delivered across the Merseyside region. This year, we will also provide content to Deeside.

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